Blog Post 10: Technology in the Classroom

At Millridge Elementary School, various types of software applications and hardware are used by the students in order to enhance learning. In the classroom that I have been observing, I noted how students complete schoolwork on their class set of chrome books. For example, last week the students were doing group research assignments on dinosaurs. They were able to utilize their chrome books to find information on the dinosaur they chose to study. Most of their information came from Epic!, a site that consists of many books of many different subjects.

I have also observed the students utilizing Google Slides. Each week, my cooperating teacher asks her students to create one slide about something that they learned. She wants her students to be familiar with Google Drive for when they have to create larger projects and presentations in their later years of school. The slides have to contain bullet points, pictures, and a background. At the end of the school year, each student will have their own slide show containing information about what they learned each week in second grade. The students shared their powerpoint with the teacher so she can see if they are keeping up with their work.

Another software application that the students use is Happy Numbers, an online resource that brings math to life through graphics, simple instructions and immediate feedback. The students enjoy this software program because it feels like a game. My cooperating teacher likes it because she is able to monitor their progress and see where her students need to improve. Based off of the information, my teacher will create mini-lessons for students in the areas where they need help.

Other technological devices are used, such as the projector and printers, but the software and hardware demonstrated above were those that I most heavily observed. It is crucial that teachers effectively use these tools to further classroom learning and engagement. The software and hardware described above make teaching possible, because the technology that is incorporated in the classroom make learning interesting.

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