Blog Post 2a

Lived Video Game Experience

Growing up, I had a younger brother who loved to play video games, and I would sometimes play with him. Our favorite games included COD Zombies, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero, and anything related to Mario and Luigi. Today, I enjoy playing games such as Sims and Fortnite (although I am not very good, I still find it fun).  In regard to educational gaming, I have limited personal experience. However, I do have fond memory of playing Poptropica in middle school during computer class after my classwork was completed. This virtual world allows for kids to travel, play games, compete in competition, and safely communicate. During my observations, I have noted how teachers incorporate online games in the classroom. Spelling City is one that I have observed frequently, in which students play games to master vocabulary words and reading comprehension. Games such as Spelling City and Poptropica do not use the drill and practice methods in attempt to keep the students’ attention. There are various adventures and games that one can play to keep the lesson interesting. Personally, I have found that when using drill and practice, I forget what I learned shortly after. I have used drill and practice on Quizlet when trying to master definitions, and have found it ineffective. Quizlet also has games, which I prefer because it makes the learning fun and the definitions easier to remember.  I believe that there is an appropriate way to go about using games in the classroom as it is a way of making learning fun. If used correctly, games can be effective in education.

Video Game Learning Experience

After a long debate of deciding what video game to study, I finally landed on an appropriate game for the early childhood level. As previously mentioned, I enjoyed playing Poptropica as a child, but I did not remember why. Therefore, I am interested to see why children are drawn to this game. According to the “About Us” page on the website, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica’s engaging quests, stories and games. Education is incorporated as it uses gaming literacy with a narrative that is often rooted in factual history. Children must also use problem-solving skills to discover and solve mysteries on different islands. I recently re-created an account to play the game once again, and I noted the incorporations that the creators discussed. I am excited to get more involved in this game and study its impact on education.


The airplane crashed in the jungle and has the initials “A.E.”…could it be Amelia Earhart?

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