Blog Post 1: Introduction

Hello, my name is Chloe Backman! I am from Broadview Heights, Ohio, which is a quick 25 minutes down the road from John Carroll University.

I have a few unique aspects that make me special. I like to keep myself busy by getting involved with various activities. I have been playing the oboe for the past 11 years, and play in the wind ensemble here at JCU. I am also a member of Chi Omega Sorority, the Leadership Scholars Program, and CSSA. In my free time, I enjoy working out, binging Grey’s Anatomy, and hanging out with my friends.

I consider myself to be a visual learner as I like to see what is being discussed. I also like to refer to examples and ask questions as needed. I am not afraid to speak up in class, which allows me to take intellectual and creative risks in a course.

Tabacbnick and Zeichner’s article, The Impact of the Student Teaching Experience on the Development of Teacher Perspectives, is one that interests me as a preservice teacher. It depicts the questions that arise with respect to how much influence student teaching plays in the teacher socialization process. The article argues that student teaching has a significant impact on the development of teachers, which is an effect which is strengthened during the early years of a teacher’s career. As a pre-student teacher, I believe that I will soon have more experience that help shape who I am as a teacher, so I agree with what is stated in the article. I am ready to see what is out there for me in the world of teaching!

Work Cited: Robert Tabacbnick, B., & Zeichner, K. M. (1984). The Impact of the Student Teaching Experience on the Development of Teacher Perspectives. Journal of Teacher Education35(6), 28–36.

When it comes to technology, I struggle to understand much of how it works. I am interested to see how technology is related to education and to discuss the correlation between the two subjects. I am curious as to how this will be done, and I am confident that this question will be answered during the semester.

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