Blog Post 7: Technology in the Classroom

At Millridge Elementary School, there are many different people in charge of the technologies available to advance the learning of students. One of which is the library media specialist. Every Wednesday, the students spend roughly 45 minutes in the library. The librarian starts off the class by playing a digital story on the SmartBoard. The story has a narrator and corresponding pictures. When the story ends, half of the class picks out books while the other half plays educational games on by using chrome books. The library has a class set of chrome books, and two chrome books are left on each table for the students to use. The games that they play help with their keyboarding skills.

Another person in charge of technology is the technology maintenance crew. Recently, my teacher was having technology issues and could not log into Lexia to track her students’ progress on her desktop computer. My teacher called maintenance, and they immediately fixed the problem at hand. In case the technology maintenance crew could not help, my teacher was able to schedule time in the computer lab. This way, the students would be able to complete their online assignments regardless. The teacher in the computer lab is also another person in charge of technology. Although I never had the opportunity to observe my students in this setting, I know that the students work on computer skills during this time.

My cooperating teacher is also in charge of technology, and she is a major advocate for using technology in the classroom. She uses various websites to increase and monitor student learning. The students have access to chrome books and four computers in the classroom. They can also use computers as resources for classroom learning. At Millridge Elementary School, various instructors are in charge of technology use.

As noted above, technology is available throughout different areas of the school. Chromebook’s are in all of the classrooms and library, and computers are provided in the classrooms and computer lab.

Technologies are readily available at Millridge. The students are allowed to use technology, Chromebooks specifically, to guide them through class assignments. The students have their own username and password to their assigned Chromebooks and class websites. The teacher is able to access and view her students’ progress on Lexia. There is not necessarily a means for reserving technology because the class has it right at their fingerprints, and there are no required purchases by families.

There is no firewall blocking access to applications at Millridge. The students are too young to have their own social media accounts, and sites such as Youtube could be used as a resource. However, the students in my classroom are very well-behaved and stay on track with their school work, so I do not believe that they would necessarily need a firewall.

I received the information above from my own observations and from talking to my cooperating teacher. She was able to answer all of my questions about technology in the classroom. She told me that if I wanted to talk to someone with the most information to go to the library media specialist because he is very knowledgable on the subject. Even so, my teacher is very knowledgable herself. The school also has a technology maintenance crew on call who comes into the classroom if they receive a technical difficulties report. I received useful information about technology in my classroom at Millridge Elementary School.

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