Blog Post 9: Final Digital Story Telling

Below is a a digital story about Abraham Lincoln created by me and my partner, Natalie Bens. Press play to see the full project! Scroll below to view our rolling credits.

Rolling Credits:


Log Cabin Address:

Abraham Lincoln Reading Address:

Illinois LegislatureAddress:

Lincoln the Lawyer Address:

Abraham Lincoln Visiting the House of Representatives Address:

Lincoln Emancipating the Slaves Address:

Lincoln Douglas Debates Address:

President Abraham Lincoln Address:

Abraham Lincoln Civil War Address:

Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Address:

The Lincoln Assassination Address:

Abraham Lincoln Address:

Civil Rights March Address:

Abraham Lincoln QuoteAddress:


“Piccolo (Endless Love)”Address:“American Civil War Music” Address:

“Hail to the Chief” Address:

Weapon Gun Shots Sound Effects Pack – Best Gun Sounds [High Quality]Address:

Yelling Soldiers Sound Effect | High Audio Quality Address:

Background Crowd Cheering Address:

Pistol Sound Effect Address:

Gettysburg Address Address:

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