Blog Post 2b

About the Game

Poptropica is an online role-playing game. It was developed by Pearson Education’s Family Education Network and targets children aged 6 to 15. As an early childhood education major, this game targets the age that I wish to work with after graduation.

First, the player must create an account. They will come up with a username, password, and an avatar. The player can make their character look however they want. Personally, I always tried to make it look like me. The game automatically saves while playing, so the player can stop their game and later proceed as needed. In the game, the player travels to different islands. Each island has a different game quest scenario. The player can also compete in multiplayer games and communicate with their peers. The islands range in difficulty, but overall center on a problem that the player must resolve by completing obstacles and goals. Players can earn “Poptropica credits” and Medallions after completing these obstacles and goals, which can be used to buy costumes and special effects in the Poptropica store.

The game first launched in 2007, and only had one island, Early Poptropica Island. As of 2017, Poptropica has 58 islands that one can travel to, all of which having a different theme. The player can also replay islands and still keep track of all the Medallions they have earned.

Poptropica also features different mini games that users can play with other players. Games include Sudoku, Switch, Hoops, Sky Dive, Paint War, Star Link, Balloons, Soupwords, and Pathwise. The game keeps track of how many times the player wins or loses a mini-game. There is also educational value to each of these games as they require the player to think, spell and read, and understand math problems. The difficulty can be adjusted depending on the age of the child.

Fun Facts About The Game

Poptropica was listed on Time Magazine’s list of 50 websites that make the web great. Time described it as “an inventive megabit for kids with a wholesome and educational bent”

By 2012, Poptropica had grown to have over 500 million registered users.

In May 2015, Poptropica had over 3.2 million monthly users in 200 different countries.

The creator of the game, Jeff Kinney, was also the creator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

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